Two Trees Global Macro Fund

Unit Trust

About the Strategy

The Strategy takes long and short positions, primarily through futures and forwards, in global equity indices, bond, currency, commodity, and volatility markets. The portfolio allocation will be a function of our return and risk forecasts, and will be produced systematically through a proprietary portfolio construction process.

Investment objective

To outperform the Bloomberg AusBond Bank Bill Index.

Two Trees Global Macro Fund

(Unit Trust)


Performance as at 30 November 2020 (%)1 mth3 mth6 mthCYTD1 yrSince inception1
Two Trees Global Macro Fund2.901.290.58-6.98-10.23-4.56

All returns are net of fees and in AUD. Calculations are based on exit price with distributions reinvested, after ongoing fees and expenses but excluding taxation. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Inception date is 1 November 2017.1 Benchmark is Bloomberg Ausbond Bank Bill Index.2

Fund details





Suitable investor profile

The Fund may be suitable for investors with an investment horizon of over five years that seek exposure to equities, fixed income, currency and commodity instruments, and are comfortable with volatility in returns and the possibility of negative returns.

Minimum suggested timeframe

Five years


Bloomberg AusBond Bank Bill Index

Minimum initial investment


Management fee

1% p.a.*

Performance fee

20%* of the aggregate performance above the benchmark, net of management fee.

Responsible Entity

Pinnacle Fund Services Limited

*Inclusive of GST and net effect of any applicable RITC.

The Two Trees Global Macro Fund opened to investors on 1 November, 2017.